the company

Mitchell Landscaping was founded in 2006 by David and James Mitchell. David formed the company after completing his studies in Animal Science at the University of West Texas A&M.  The company was founded with the ideal of providing the panhandle of Texas with a  professional and dedicated landscape design, build, and maintenance company. It has been and always will be the objective of ML to operate the most productive and profitable landscape company in the Texas Panhandle market. This is accomplished by meeting the needs of its customers and employees while promoting professionalism in the landscaping industry.  

The continuing success of ML is due to the individual contributions of its employees and its efforts to create customer satisfaction. ML’s mission is to increase, as well as promote safety, company pride, professionalism, customer satisfaction and security for employees, customers and the public. The goal is to fulfill the needs of the customer by providing timely, quality services and products.